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  • In the words of Missy Elliot #flippeditandreversedit
  • Wow, crazy how the flow of intentions will enter your life! I knew I was going to @thebroadmuseum yesterday but did not realize that I was going to get to experience all of the #YayoiKusama exhibits. Her art is based on the idea of #infiniti , space, time, and ones self. On the topic of inspiring experiences, what a way to get started. More pics from the museum to come! Please get there and get tickets in advance if you can. The installation is in #LA through January. #InfinityMirroredRoom
  • Unsure of even how to say hello to my own community but here it goes. It’s been a while since I’ve come to this space and it’s because my blog and this page no longer felt a part of me. It felt like a part of my past that I closed a door on. To be 100% honest with you, there’s been big changes over the past few months. One big one, was that I ended a long term relationship and we traveled everywhere together. So a part of my blog breathed that chapter, let’s just call it chapter 1. While I do love travel, and wrote about travel, there was a deeper motivation behind the travel. Now living in clarity, I can see what it was that I was trying to share with the world. It was the Experiences. To me experiences are so powerful and can bring you re-birth. Experiences can tap into your inner child mind and reawaken senses. This can come from travel but it can also come from a sunrise hike, an amazing meal, a museum, an inspiring human, etc. This is my passion, so my #intention that I set here with you is to not only share when I find these types of experiences but to create and offer these types of experiences for us to share. 🙏🏽✨This picture is from @thebroadmuseum and was taken during the #womensmarch last year.
  • #staycation is #vacation too!
  • This plate is embedded into the sidewalk outside of the Ceasars Hotel in down town #Tijuana 🥗Did you know that the Caesar Salad was invented in #TJ ???? I didn't!
  • Good bye #Florida hello #LA slash #Tijuana lol when you can go to #Mexico and back in a day... that's #SoCal for ya! #thewall
  • Short and sweet... #southflorida for the day.. ✌🏽
  • #ShrimpPoBoy yes please!!!