Why you should not travel in Summer

So it’s summer, and everyone wants to know “what are your plans?” and “where are you going?” Here is my answer… Nowhere! Summer is really not a good time to travel and I am going to share with you why. Summer Stay

  1. EXPENSIVE – Wow those airfares and hotel rates really sky rocket come summer. Prices can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be that way!!!
  2. Locally it is the best time of year. You’ve waited all winter for it to be nice where you live and now the plan is to run away from it? There’s only so many weeks of good weather and local concerts, movie nights and festivals are in full swing.
  3. It’s always summer somewhere. There’s really no time of the year that you can’t hop on a plane to Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, South America and find that blistering sun you’re craving. Do it when you need it most, Winter, Spring, Fall.
  4. Crowded. Everyone thinks that they have to go on vacation in the summer so you will be going at the same time as everyone else. Wait till off peek season for the deals and comfortable amounts of space.

I know that the hotels and travel industry might not like this advice that I am sharing but it’s in your best interest! While I can’t give up every travel secret here is the last one as thanks for reading all the way to the end. May and September are the best airfare/hotel prices all year long. Boom! drop mic.


See you soon. Saludos!

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