What is a Pueblo Magico? 

So much of my travel in Mexico revolves around visiting and experiencing Pueblo Magicos aka “Magical Towns”.  As I post away on my instagram and regularly use #PuebloMagico it finally occurred to me, what if people don’t know what a Pueblo Magico is? 

A Pueblo Magico is a small town that has met the requirements to be nationally registered by the Mexican Department of Tourism as a “Magical Town”. Pueblo Magico’s are highly recomended for tourism because they offer magical experiences through their history, architecture, natural beauty, local culture, legends and/or symbolism. Why I love Pueblo Magicos so much is that they highlight the true beauty and culture of Mexico and not just the well known beach resort destinations. I have also had some of my best shopping for local artisan textiles and crafts while visiting these towns.  There are over 100 Pueblo Magicos in Mexico, hopefully you will find yourself enjoying one on your next Mexico vacation. (Many times you will find a few in one region so that visiting two in a day is totally possible!)

Below are my absolute favorites from the Pueblo Magicos that I have visited. 

  • San Cristobal de Las Casas Probably the best kept secret in Mexico right now. The little mountain town is packed with culture and the artisan shopping here is unbeatable! I see items from Chiapas sold all over Mexico at a much higher cost, so why not go to the source and get it yourself!

    San Cristobal De Las Casas-Chiapas-Cristales
    San Cristobal De Las Casas
  • Guanajuato Guanajuato has actually outgrown the size of a Pueblo Magico so it was taken off the official list but it is still one of my favorite cities in Mexico. Best known for being full of cute little terracing alleyways, bright colored building, gardens and a unique European feel.

  • San Miguel de Allende In the same region as Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende has become the new hot spot for American retirees. Laid back, delicious resteraunts and a gorgeous gothic style cathedral, I understand why people are flocking here.
  • Tequila Yesss.. if you love drinking tequila this is a must! Napa has its wine region, well Mexico has the Tequila region. All of the disteleries you could want to visit are here, Jose Cuervo, Heradura, Sauza, you get the gist!

  • Palenque Home to Mayan Ruins this town has mystifying temples to be climbed. I actually did not make it into town because I spent all day at the ruins.

  • Tepotzlan  What a fun and active town, known for crazy Micheladas, the best weekend market and the Tepozteco Aztec Pyramid hike. Everything you want to see is all centrally located in the heart of town.

  • Cholula Without having enough time to fully explore the town I still fell in love. Bright colored buildings, an archeological site in downtown and a uniquely all pink (on the inside) church.
  • Mazunte Imagine the most laid back, non commercial, healthy food loving, yoga practicing, beach in the world. Plus you’re in Oaxaca so you will be in for a culinary treat. Think cheap and authentic.

  • Sayulita The laid back surf town features black sand beaches and a no shoes necessary vibe. Not far from Puerto Vallarta, skip the commercial tourism and mega resorts and head straight to Sayulitas instead.

  • Tulum Home to some of the most famous Mayan ruins this beach town is all about R&R. Still to this day the most beautiful beach I have ever seen lies below the ruins in a protected cove. Beach bungalows is the way to stay when visiting the magical town.

    Tulum-Quintana Roo-Cristales
  • Patzcuaro Slow paced and laid back the city revolves around a beautiful plaza. Featuring Markets and artisanal culture, you can make a day trip from here to the island of Janitzio for seafood and shopping.


Here’s a link to all of the Puebla Magicos in Mexico. Still have questions about Pueblo Magicos? drop me a line in the comments below. Do you have favorite Pueblo Magico that you want to share about? If so tell us all about it in the comments. 

Until next time, Saludos!

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