IMG_6169Photos, the souvenir that fits any carry on. Sometimes you just can’t buy everything, good news is, you can take a photo of almost everything. =) I love looking back at my moments snapped on camera, a lot of details that would have been lost if I had left it all to my memory. Here are my tips for snapping pics on your vacay. I have made all of the mistakes possible already so hopefully these tips will help you avoid a few for yourself.   

1. Take a bunch of photos and delete later. Take wayyy more than you think you need… when you look back you will be glad to have choices. Some might be blury, have people in the background, or just not as great as you thought originally.

2. Don’t delete any photos until your eyes have time to re-focus. Give it a few hours then look back and delete what you don’t want. Sometimes I think a photo isn’t very good that moment and end up liking it the next day.

3. Keep your phone/camera just a quick reach away. Tuck your camera either in your front pants pocket or the outside pocket of your bag. If you have to dig to find your camera you could miss the moment.

4. Never assume you will have time to go back to take a picture. Take the picture now! Too many times I have thought I would go back to take snap a pic and never did. =(

5. Put those photos somewhere, Facebook, cloud storage, external hard drive, wherever. I lost all of my photos of Europe and Thailand because I didn’t back them up or store them. I suggest not on your computer, a cloud or photo storage site is much more secure.

6. Use people, and not in a get-over, mean way. If there are people standing in the way of the photo you want, re-adjust the camera angle and use your body to block the people out of your photo. I know this sounds funny but it works!

Perfect example: There is a man standing right behind me in the middle of the photo. I was able to block him out by using my body as a cover up! Ha!

Hope that a few of these tips will help you avoid of some of the painful mistakes I have made along the way. Till we meet again, happy travels! Saludos! 


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