Taking the Mayan route through the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, there are two main sites that we went in search of, Agua Azul and Palenque. 

We went big. After an early start time of 4:00am we left the town of San Cristobal de Las Casas in search of, Agua Azul, the legendary blue pools. A few hours drive through the forest and well, we found them! Just as emerald blue as promised! From what I have been told the pools vary in color depending on the amount of rainfall, luckily for us we got the post card version. Cascading waterfalls climb up the river, pool after pool, water fall after waterfall each as beautiful as the next. Come ready for the most surreal swim of your life. 

I think planning an entire day to the pools would be wise, we were limited to two hours. 

Next destination, Palenque. The southern region of Mexico is the heart of where Mayan civilizations thrived. Because of the thick jungle most of the ruins are still hidden below a layer of earth. Palenque, one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites is a dream and climbing ancient pryramids built around 300ad is an experience to be had. This region of Chiapas is home to 11 different Mayan language dialects that will transport you and remind you of the history these jungles still hold.

I suggest a guided tour through these parts of the forest, the villages are extremely remote even for Mexican nationals unfamiliar. All together including lunch, breakfast and a few other scenic stops the Ruta de Maya took us about 18 hours departing from and returning to San Cristobal de Las Casas. 

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