img_0327I’ll have you know that Valentines Day is my absolute favorite of the Hallmark holidays. Single or in a relationship it makes no difference to me, a holiday dedicated to love is a beautiful thing! If you don’t have a romantic partner take it as a day to remind those in your life how much you love them. In a relationship or have a crush? V-day is a perfect excuse to throw your heart on the table and do something powered by love. Plus, everything is pink, purple and heart-shaped, so yeah it’s pretty freaking sweet in my opinion. With all of that said, happy valentines day from me to you!   

As an expert at finding any reason to go on a vacation or even just a weekend away. (wink, wink) Valentines day weekend is no different, so here is a list of weekend getaways perfect for V-day. Hope you find one on the list close enough for you to make a love filled weekend of it and still get back before Monday.

Lake Tahoe, NV Tahoe is beyond beautiful, snowy mountains and the pristine lake will rejuvenate the soul. A perfect road trip from either San Francisco or Sacramento, enjoy the snowy weather outside from the romance of a hot tub. When traveling to Tahoe I have always stayed in a rented cabin. If you are looking for this same log cabin experience AirBnb is my go to. If not, there are plenty of hotels and ski resorts to pick from. V-day in the snow… how cuddly..

San Francisco, CA There is never a shortage of things to do, shows to watch, food to eat, sites to see. A perfect place to wine and dine over the V-day weekend. I know that staying in San Francisco can be expensive so here is my secret tip for you. Stay in Alameda, the little harbor town just across from SF is a quick and enjoyable ferry ride away from the city. Staying in Alameda you will save $$$ cash, plus enjoy what could be a romantic boat ride under the Bay Bridge. Remember to pack your warmest jackets! This is an easy weekend trip from Sacramento, Inland cities, or Los Angeles.

Santa Barbara, CA The road to Santa Barbara always reminds me so much of Hawaii and who can pass on that!? Wine tasting, art galleries, and spas are some of the things that immediately pop into my mind when I think of a weekend in Santa Barbara. Oh, and surf too of course! Coming from either North or South it’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable road trips in the country. What better way to have quality time with your loved ones than over a scenic road-trip.

Huntington Beach, CA Staycations are vacations too! HB makes the list for a few reasons, one of them is because of the Hyatt Regency with their ocean front property. Whenever I’ve stayed there you can’t tell me that I am not on vacation! Pools, hot tubs, spas, fountains, tropical gardens and views for days.. Plus with the new Pacific City Plaza near by you have more options than ever before! Whether you’re looking for classic surf or beach chic you’ll find it. For drinks I suggest Bungalow, for local eats I like Sushi on Fire.

San Diego, CA This time of year San Diego is probably the best weather you will find in California. Take a beach cruise, hit up Balboa Park, museum hop, bar hop, pretty much sit back, chill, and the sun will guide you. My last visit to SD I stayed at The Hotel Sofia down town and loved their complimentary yoga and beach cruisers! Getting lost in SD with your lover or loved ones is perfect for whomever you are traveling with.

Yes.. that’s me and my honey totally makin out on the beach…


May it be your honey, your family, or your squad, take the time to remind the people in your life that you love them. Doing this you will find the joy and fulfillment in Valentines Day. Just remember even if you can’t get out of town, staycations are vacations too! So make the most of what you’ve got and savor every last moment of it!

Saludos! xoxo


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