Mexico City also known as D.F. (Distro Federal) is the Washington D.C. of Mexico. The Capital is a big city experience and cultural buffet for someone who doesn’t want a beach vacation. Not to mention, of all the big cities I’ve either visited or lived in, Mexico City might just be my numero uno. 

These are my most memorable experiences from D.F. that I HIGHLY suggest you not miss.

  • Torta Cubana Of course a food item would be the first on my list! In case you don’t already know a Torta is a Mexican style sandwich. Many people hear Torta Cubana and think of the Cuban sandwiches we have come to love, pickles, pork, panini press. This is NOT that. In Mexico City Tortas Cubanas are sandwiches stacked with everything but the kitchen sink! I’m serious, I’ve had a Torta Cubana with chorizo, ham, milanesa (breaded steak or chicken filet), egg, pineapple, chiles, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa and jalapeño all one ONE sandwich. It might sound a little weird but they are delicious, sold on almost every corner and so so cheap, running about $3.00 USD. Gotta love that good old street food!  

    I swear it’s delicous!
  •   Xochimilco I am sure that this is on almost every travel bloggers list of places to go in Mexico City, and that is because it is just truly that wonderful. Xochimilco is often called the “floating gardens”, because brightly decorated boats cruise the river through canals of flower nurseries. Other boats will pull up aside to sell food, flowers, Micheladas, and services like live music. Anything you could want to take your cruise to an ultimate state of joy and relaxation is at your finger tips. I haven’t gone but I hear that Sundays are the party day, so depending on what you are looking for go either mid week for peace or weekend for the turn up. 😉
  • Museo Nacional de Antroplogia Wow. Just wow. This in all my world of travels is still in my top three museums ever visited. If you love artifacts as much as I do this museum will have you spinning. If even only to see the “Aztec Calendar” if it’s a calendar at all? Archeologists think maybe not. Added bonuses of visiting the museum include it being located inside of a wonderful park and the super unique Starbucks in that park.(Nicest Starbucks I have ever visited, think tree swings and lounge chairs.)

  • Plaza Garibaldi A total sensory experience. Every night Plaza Garibaldi turns into Mariachi headquarters. Hundreds of Mariachi groups all show up to play and help the people party the night away. Just imagine walking through a plaza where everywhere you look are Mariachis blasting out music and pop up dance parties sprouting every few minutes. Party in the square or the bars surrounding, either way there is lots of music and lots to look at.
  • Teotihuacan Pyramids are ALWAYS a good idea. This gigantic site is home to a plaza of pyramids that can be climbed on and explored. Two of the most famous are, Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. Nothing like an ancient civilization to re-adjust your perspective. This in itself is worth making a trip to Mexico City. Timeless.
Working off that Torta Cubana! LOL

There are so many other wonderful places to go and things to eat in Mexico City that I didn’t list here. I don’t want to take away the adventure and surprise from your trip, but trust me when I say, in Mexico City you always need more time. 


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