When thinking of wine tasting usually my mind goes to scenic vineyards, bright tasting rooms and tipsy days well spent. However, this last trip to Northern California’s wine country was an experience unlike any I’ve had before. Family friends of mine made a reservation for us at the JCB tasting room in the city of Santa Rosa. Quick background on “JCB tasting rooms” they are private tasting rooms created by Jean Charles Boisset who as I recently learned is pretty much the KING of all things wine. So, back to my story, we get to the JCB tasting room and from the looks of the entrance and warehouse that we parked in front of I am expecting your typical scenic wine country day.


Photo above is before I knew just what we were walking into. 

Through the back of a plain warehouse door and into a small dark space, pulling back velvet curtains this is what I find. Tall black ceilings, candles glowing, impeccable champagne flutes, mannequins in leather, a wall of wigs, cheetah throws, and a huge chandelier. Is this a speak-easy in the wine world? Or is Jean Charles Boisset the brother of the Dos Equis beer man? “I don’t always go wine tasting but when I do I lounge on cheetah and sip from French crystal in my private California tasting room.”


The photos below barely do it justice, but, they start to give you an idea of the sensory overload that had completely bum rushed me with surprise.

Needless to say, we felt like total VIP! But the greatest part about this tasting room is that anyone can make a reservation. This hidden gem would be perfect for a birthday, engagement party, or just a really really cool day out with friends. The next time you’re in Northern California and wine tasting keep this spot in mind, cause it’s not your mama’s wine club, that’s for sure.



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