Up to date with Dia De Los Muertos

img_2821Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a very special holiday to my family and I. For as long as I can remember the holiday has always filled our home with a certain spirit of joy. I remember being a kid when most people here in America did not know what this “second Halloween?” was all about.  Now many years later Dia De Los Muertos has found a home in American culture. You can find fiestas across the country, decorations at Party City and the mention of it amongst all of your friends. The cool ones at least 😉 Here is everything you need to know to be up to date and ready to participate in the holiday spirit.


  1. Unlike revolving holidays Dia De Los Muertos is November 1st and 2nd (every year).
  2. True, we are celebrating the dead but the holiday calls for merriment because when the spirits come back from the afterlife you don’t want them being bored!
  3. Altars are the heart of the holiday, families will place photos, mementos, and gifts on the altar for friends and family passed. When your loved ones come back you will want to have water, favorite drink and/or snack waiting for them.
  4. Marigolds are the flower of the holiday, this is tradition because of its availability in rural Mexico and the fact that it blooms in October.
  5. Pan de Muertos is that round loaf of sweet bread you may have already come across. It is a traditional treat and is often adorned with a cross bones pattern on top. The bread is both placed on the alter and shared at your table, Mmmm…(best with coffee)
  6. Graveyards are one of the most traditional places to celebrate the holiday, bringing the party and gifts to the tomb stone.
  7. Sugar skulls are a staple of Dia De Los Muertos, they come in many sizes and are all uniquely decorated. They will be placed on the altar and around the home because hey even spirits have a sweet tooth.

Now go out and enjoy this beautiful holiday! Saludos!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Such an awesome post! I knew of Dia De Los Muertos but had no idea what it was all about in it’s entirety so thank you for teaching me a little something ☺️


    1. I’m so glad you found it informative, the holiday is so rich in meaning! Saludos!


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